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The NEO Concept

At the heart of the NEO concept is structured water; water that has been restored to its natural state. AdditWater's technology is based on the internationally recognized work of researchers Dr. Bruce Lipton and Nikola Tesla in relation to energy and cells; Victor Shauberger and Gerrard Pollack PhD’s knowledge of structured water and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier’s work with water's 'memory'. AdditWater has progressed this work further and developed technology and systems which harness water's natural ability to carry and transmit energy. 

What to Expect

A NEO (Natural Energy Optimization) session is a relaxing, 55-minute session in a comfortable environment with the energy-rich water machine. We have created a professional and relaxing, spa-like environment to aid our clients in the relaxation process. Clients are encouraged to sit or recline comfortably and relax. Some choose to close their eyes, sleep, read, draw or pray. We ask that phone ringers be turned off. The NEO machine uses AdditWater’s technology to create a very high frequency. The gentle, non-invasive session with the high frequency water machine may activate and optimize the cells in your body in natural way.



Frequency is the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave. 


Pregnant women should NOT use NEO. Please check with a staff member before booking a NEO Session for a child.

The information given on this website and on all The Well Frequency printed materials is for information purposes only.  The Well Frequency does not recommend the NEO sessions or any of our products or services as any form of treatment for any illness or disease without direction from your health care professional. The NEO machine and other products we offer have not been tested or approved by the FDA. Please use at your own risk. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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