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About AdditNature

AdditNature is a Danish innovation and design company, whose international scientists and engineers created a unique technology for Natural Energy Optimization. With the goal of bringing the freshness of spring water to as many people as possible, AdditNature has discovered that water can be restored to its original design, which is clean, and energy rich.   Today, their vision is to use this technology to improve our well-being in a natural way.
As the exclusive USA distributor of AdditWater products, The Well Frequency is thrilled to bring our clients the latest in high-frequency technology to transform your health and environment. One of our most exciting features, the NEO Room, offers a high-frequency energy field, which promotes whole body restoration - all while relaxing in our spa-like setting. Be rejuvenated body, soul and spirit - experience the benefits for yourself.

Restoring The Energy to Water

Water is a living force. It carries energy. The way it is treated and processed will impact how beneficial it is for consumption. Naturally running water has a strong, 6-sided molecular structure, that is easily absorbed into the body’s cells. The human body consists of approximately 60-70% water. Structured water is full of energy and is replenishes energy when consumed. Unfortunately, most water is exposed to unnatural environments, such as, water treatment plants (and possibly added chemicals), long straight water pipes, or plastic bottles. However, the water still retains its potential to have energy.  AdditNature captures this by activating, revitalizing and restructuring water.  


"I suffer with arthritic type pain due to an ACL and meniscus injury and subsequent surgery. After rubbing the Power Plate all over my knee, the pain decreases. We try to ALWAYS have ours in our car if we take long trips because it helps with my sciatic issues while driving. "

Susan, Misssissippi


The Power Plate is a stainless steel drink coaster. The molecules in the steel have been influenced by a natural high energy field, created by structured water. Use the power plate to energize liquids like water, tea, juice, smoothies, oil, vinegar, milk, wine, alcohol, etc. The Power Plate doubles as a personal frequency product. Place it directly on the body to support the body’s ability to heal. 


You can experience:

• Enhances the flavor of any beverage
• Promotes Better Hydration
• Boosts Frequency, Wellness and Supports Recovery
• Structures your water or beverage Adding energy and frequency.
• Never needs to be recharged

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