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Structured Water

AdditWater is an internationally based company that has harnessed the benefits of water through their amazing team of scientists and engineers. As the exclusive distributor of AdditWater products within the United States, The Well Frequency offers several amazing products and services created by AdditWater. The high-frequency produced by structured water has amazing benefits to the humanbody. Structured water is at the core of what we do. Explore the benefits of AdditWater and experience the Natural Energy Optimization (NEO) Room for yourself by booking a session at one of our amazing centers.

Our Products


The Power Plate is a stainless steel drink coaster. The molecules in the steel have been influenced by a natural high energy field, created by structured water. Use the power plate to energize liquids like water, tea, juice, smoothies, oil, vinegar, milk, wine, alcohol, etc.


You can experience:

• A gentler taste experience
• Longer shelf life
• Less dehydration
• Higher energy level
• Increased performance
• Faster recovery 


What Clients Say

“As a therapist, the NEO Concept has opened up a new dimension of therapy. The addition of NEO room to my clinic has brought more and more clients."

Laura Juul

Nurse, Reflexology Therapist

Owner of House of Natural Balance

Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being.


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