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NEO (Natural Energy Optimization)


  • Accelerates Recovery

  • Reduces Stress 

  • Promotes Better Sleep

  • Supports the Body’s Natural Ability to Heal

Try the NEW "Touch-less Spa" technology that supports your body’s ability to heal itself. It is as simple as relaxing in your favorite chair for 55 minutes. 



Our Services

  • NEO Room

  • Essential Oil Consultation

  • Training & Classes

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Structured Water

Structured water is the term scientists give to water found in its optimal state in nature. When you look at the molecules of water found flowing naturally in a spring, the molecules have a definite hexagonal shape. The water is full of energy and oxygen and have huge benefits to the body. Our AdditWater products harness the energy found in structured water to bring you products that add energy, frequency and structure to your water or beverage. 

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Our Products


The Power Plate is a stainless steel drink coaster. The molecules in the steel have been influenced by a natural high energy field, created by structured water. Use the power plate to energize liquids like water, tea, juice, smoothies, oil, vinegar, milk, wine, alcohol, etc. The Power Plate doubles as a personal frequency product. Place it directly on the body to support the body’s ability to heal. 


You can experience:

• Enhances the flavor of any beverage
• Promotes Better Hydration
• Boosts Frequency, Wellness and Supports Recovery
• Structures your water or beverage Adding energy and frequency.
• Never needs to be recharged

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What Clients Say

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Ruth, Texas

Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being.

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