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  • What is The Well Frequency?
    The Well Frequency is a Wellness Center with the goal to empower people to walk in the wellness and quality of life for which they were created – Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. Currently, we have wellness centers in Starkville, Mississippi and in Prosper, Texas. The Well Frequency is the exclusive distributor for AdditWater, a Danish innovation and design company, who international scientists and engineers created unique technology for Natural Energy Optimization (NEO). The Well Frequency is a distribution center for the AdditWater products and NEO machines in the USA.
  • What is "frequency"?"
    Frequency is the rate at which a vibration occurs that constitutes a wave. Everything that is living has a frequency. People have an optimal frequency – when the cells in their body vibrate at the frequency in which they were designed. According to Bruce Tainio, of Tainio Technology, a healthy person has a frequency between 62-68 MHz. Tainio’s research shows that positive and negative thoughts, prayers, water, foods, and our environment can either help support our healthy frequency or lower it.
  • What is the NEO Concept?
    NEO (Natural Energy Optimization) is what we call our 52 minute relaxing sessions in the room with the naturally high frequencies of the water machine. AdditWater has developed technology and systems which harness water's natural ability to carry and transmit energy. The NEO machine creates a frequency which may enhance the body’s natural ability to heal and restore.
  • What is the science behind the NEO Concept?
    At the heart of the NEO concept is structured water; water that has been restored to its natural state. AdditWater's technology is based on the internationally recognized work of researchers Dr. Bruce Lipton and Nikola Tesla in relation to energy and cells; Victor Shauberger and Gerrard Pollack PhD’s knowledge of structured water and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier’s work with water's 'memory'. AdditWater has progressed this work further and developed technology and systems which harness water's natural ability to carry and transmit energy.
  • What should I expect in a NEO Session?
    A NEO (Natural Energy Optimization) session is a relaxing, 52-minute session in a comfortable environment with the energy-rich water machine. We have created a professional and relaxing, spa-like environment to aid our clients in the relaxation process. Clients are encouraged to sit or recline comfortably and relax. Some choose to close their eyes, sleep, read, draw or pray. We ask that phone ringers be turned off. The NEO machine uses AdditWater’s technology to create a very high frequency. The gentle, non-invasive session with the high frequency water machine may activate and optimize the cells in your body in natural way. Sessions begin at the top of the hour and last for 52 minutes. Structured, energy-rich water is complimentary during sessions. Drinking structured water plays a vital role in the NEO room experience.
  • Can everyone use NEO?
    Pregnant women should NOT use NEO.Please check with a staff member before booking a NEO Session for a child. People with Diabetes, specially type 1, may experience a drop in blood sugar levels. lf you have type 1 Diabetes, please bring food to the session as a precaution. People with a mental health issue or history will require more careful observation. Disclaimer: The information given on this website and on all The Well Frequency printed materials is for information purposes only. The Well Frequency does not recommend the NEO sessions or any of our products or services as any form of treatment for any illness or disease without direction from your health care professional. The NEO machine and other products we offer have not been tested or approved by the FDA. Please use at your own risk. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
  • What time do NEO sessions begin?
    NEO sessions begin at the top of the hour and go for approximately 52 minutes.
  • If I arrive late, can I still join my scheduled NEO session?"
    We do allow clients to quietly join a session late, but we do not begin sessions late, out of courtesy to other clients. And, we do not refund for partial sessions.
  • If I pay ahead for a NEO session, and I have to cancel, can I get a refund? "
    We ask that you call our office at least 1 hour ahead - if you need to cancel, and we will reschedule your sessions. We do not refund “no shows”.
  • Where can I experience a NEO (Natural Energy Optimization) session?
    Presently, in the USA, NEO sessions are available at The Well Frequency in Starkville, Mississippi and in Prosper, Texas. There are also NEO sessions available in Denmark, the UK and Germany.
  • What is AdditWater?
    AdditWater is a Danish innovation and design company, whose international scientists and engineers created a unique technology for Natural Energy Optimization. With the goal of bringing the freshness of spring water to as many people as possible, AdditWater has discovered that water can be restored to its original design, which is clean, and energy rich. Today, their vision is to use this technology to improve our well-being in a natural way. As the exclusive USA distributor of AdditWater products, The Well Frequency is thrilled to bring our clients the latest in high-frequency technology to transform your health and environment. One of our most exciting features, the NEO Room, offers a high-frequency energy field, which promotes whole body restoration - all while relaxing in our spa-like setting. Be rejuvenated body, soul and spirit - experience the benefits for yourself. To learn more about AdditWater, you can visit
  • What is structured water?
    Water is a living force. It carries energy. The way it is treated and processed will impact how beneficial it is for consumption. Naturally running water has a strong, 6-sided molecular structure, that is easily absorbed into the body’s cells. The human body consists of approximately 60-70% water. Structured water is full of energy and replenishes energy when consumed. Unfortunately, most water is exposed to unnatural environments, such as, water treatment plants (and possibly added chemicals), long straight water pipes, or plastic bottles. However, the water still retains its potential to have energy. AdditWater captures this by activating, revitalizing and restructuring water.
  • What is a Power Plate?
    The Power Plate is a stainless steel coaster that will look elegant in any home or office setting. The molecules in the steel have been influenced by a natural high energy field, created by structured water. Use the power plate to energize liquids like water, tea, juice, smoothies, oil, vinegar, milk, wine, alcohol, etc. The Power Plate features a raised edge on one side to protect your table from condensation from an icy glass. The plates will also easily stack together for minimal space on a coffee table, when not in use.
  • What is the difference between a regular water bottle and the AdditWater Sanaqua 500?
    During production, the Sanaqua 500 glass bottle is exposed to a specialized, natural high energy field. This results in a water bottle that helps to restructure the molecules of your water, giving you an oxygen-rich drink, which may increase energy, enhance performance and boost hydration levels. Don’t be surprised if you notice a more satisfactory taste or an enhanced sense of well-being after using the Sanaqua 500 water bottle. This is due to the change in molecular energy it can provide.
  • Where can I purchase AdditWater products?
    In the USA, you can purchase AdditWater products at The Well Frequency locations in Starkville, MS or Prosper, TX or online at Outside the USA, purchase AdditWater products online at
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